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Are you looking to better your golf game?

We welcome all golfers at any age or level, from beginner to pro, to come improve their game year round. We teach and provide lessons on state-of-the-art PGA tour simulators and performance biomechanics in our golf fitness center. PGA Certified Golf Instructors help teach fundamentals, driving, chipping, putting, principles, mechanics and more. Private or group golf lessons are available by appointment. We help bring your game to a new level.

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Teaching the great game of golf is timeless passion we have in our community. The more passion invested, the success of the students effortlessly unfolds. The more dedicated and excited the student is to the creative process, the faster the golfer exceeds their goals and expectations.

Throughout the learning process, progress is observed and fine tuned adjustments are made. Instructors develop plans and help students reach their goals, regardless of their level or ability. We help committed students find THEIR natural swing, which will maximize their golfing potential.

Already a great golfer? We offer focused improvement programs such as:

Short game skills, visualization, mental focus, putting and competitive preparation. Competitive preparation can help achieve progress toward golf scholarships, improve situational tournament play and more.

The “Ultimate Learning Studio”

Our instructional bay is equipped with computer-video swing analysis cameras and software to help you improve ALL aspects of your swing. Digital video cameras record and capture front and back view simultaneously. We guarantee to capture moment of impact. Video is analyzed in sync with balance (weight shift) data, as well as ball and club data.

Instructors and students observe the swing in real-time using live view, or analyze a recorded swing frame-by-frame. Multiple swing sequencing allows for evaluation of multiple swings at once, comparing a swing over time, from multiple angles, or in contrast to a professional. You can work on a specific swing thought and see that particular swing instantly. Your personal swing video can be provided on CD or cloud after your session.

If you have been hitting balls at the range with little improvement, our learning & fitting studio will take you to another level!

“If its dark outside or the weather is lousy, the sun is shining in our PGA tour instructional simulators. Sim time and lessons make learning fun and productive. Swing analysis data and stats from every shot is recorded and displayed for the teacher and student. Your data is stored and available on the cloud so you can monitor your improvements ie. distance, accuracy, handicap and more.” ~Jim Cucinelli, President, Ridgemont Country Club

Lesson Packages:

Golf Lessons, fitting and instruction available by appointment with RCC Director of Golf Instruction, Paul Sanders, Andy Smith, RCC Head PGA Professional & Travis Perkins, Assistant Professiona. Lesson pricing and packages are set and determined directly with your golf professional of choice, based on their pricing options at the time of purchase. Contact us to learn more. 

Attention local PGA golf professionals:

We welcome PGA golf professionals or certified trainers who would like to use our facilities to teach or play. We will offer limited simulator rental time for independent coaches who are interested. Please contact us to learn more. For athletes and players that want to improve their bio-mechanical mobility & physical swing ability, our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified trainers and strength coaches are available by appointment.

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