Rates, Leagues & Reservations

Simulator Rates:

The following rates are for our 2018-2019 season & subject to change

1 Hr Sim Time – Off Peak- Weekdays before 5pm: $40 (1-4 players/sim)

1 Hr Sim Time – Peak- Weekends & Weekdays after 5pm: $45 (1-4 players/sim)

$30- SENIOR DISCOUNT RATE- You must be at least 65 years when booking. Off Peak only- Weekdays 8am-5pm only(1-4 players/sim)

*Rates are for simulator time, NOT per person. We recommend 1-4 golfers per simulator for the best experience. *Reservation Policy:  Cancelled reservations must be done 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for your reserved time.  If we are able to fill time cancelled on short notice you will not be billed for that time. No call, no shows  may forfeit their right to make future reservations.

Golf Leagues:

Our golf leagues are a great way to keep your golf game in shape throughout the cold months, meet new friends and have fun. Fall league run mid-October-December. Winter leagues begin in January and run for 8-12 weeks. Sign up is on a first come basis. If a preferred league fills up, please contact us for new league creation. We will do our best to accommodate new leagues and players -Junior Leagues, Ladies Leagues, Mens Leagues, Mixed & Senior Leagues.

  Men’s Tuesday Night Winter League Duration: 12 Weeks Format: 9 Holes –2 Person/Best Ball Starts: Jan 8th -Mar 26th 2019 Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM Capacity: 16 Players per flight Cost: $270 per person Men’s Wednesday Night Winter League Duration: 12 Weeks Format: 9 Holes – 2 Person/Best Ball Starts: Jan 9th -Mar 27st 2019 Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM Capacity: 16 Players per flight Cost: $270 per person Ladies Thursday Night League Duration: 12 Weeks Format: 9 Holes – Individual Gross/Net Starts: Jan 10th -Mar 28th 2019 Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM Capacity: 16 Players Cost: $270 per person 9 Hole ‘Anytime’ Winter League Duration: 12 Weeks Format: 9 Holes -2 Person/Best Ball- Handicaps created after week 3. Courses and conditions will be posted at Avid. Starts: Monday, January 8, 2019 Time: Any time that’s convenient/1 round/week Capacity: Unlimited Cost: $270 per person, cash prize TBD by league Anytime League players have 30 minutes/9 holes allotted per person. When reserving your weekly time, please consider time/players for that week. Start time: The simulators will be available for practice at league starting times. Actual play will begin 15 minutes after league starting time. Play will be conducted on a variety of different world famous courses.  Players may make up missed rounds during available off-peak time if desired. Pace of Play: The league will be given two hours to play nine holes. A maximum stroke allowance of double par will help insure the pace of play. Players should always be ready to play when it is their turn so that play can complete on time. If there are fewer than four players in a group, then play should take a proportionately shorter length of time. If time permits, play of additional holes will be allowed.

Click here for league sign up on our secure scheduling or contact us for more details.


Tee Times & Reservations:

Contact us to book or reserve tee times in advance for regular play or special events. You can also click here to open our online scheduling site. 

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