Multi-Sports & Other Games

Sports Simulator, LaserShot & Showdown Games:


Play your favorite sports using real equipment on the world’s best multisport simulator! Challenge your family & friends or go head-to-head against the computer.  Children (5+) to adults can play Carnival Games, Zombie Dodgeball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball and more! Request Sim #2 to play these games.

Sports not your thing? Practice target shooting with a precision IR laser pistol and rifle on our LaserShot Game Simulator. Extensive game library includes timed target shooting simulations, arcade, duck & pheasant hunting & clay pigeons. Request Sim #4 to play LaserShot! (Ages 13+) 

For some real golf fun, try playing Showdown Golf. There are endless Top Golf style head-to-head golf competitions and skill contests. Play arcade-style golf games including: Targeted bullseyes, shape shot contests, field goal football, kids putting and chipping, putting pool table, hit-the-ball-picker, break window challenge, golf poker and more! Reserve Sim #3 to play Showdown Golf!


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