2024 League Winners

Winter League Golfers,
Thank you again for playing this winter and all your support! Congratulations to the winners below and everyone who played. Don’t forget to pick up your cash next time you come in for a reservation or as soon as possible. All league players get 20% off the rest of the spring season until we close!
Anytime League ($ amounts omitted, see email)
1st Place: Dan Bamann & Daniel Bamann (all time points record 128 highest ever)
2nd Place tie: Mark O’Brien & Chris O’Brien
2nd Place tie: Chris Mason & Zach Bushner
3rd Place tie: Joe Meyer & Luke McGrath
3rd Place tie: Kyle Garnish & Bob Fleck
4th Place: Scott Blazey & Brandon Hoyt
5th Place: Bryan Karre & Tim Dieffenbacher
6th Place: Brandon O’Neil & Kyle Shea
7th Place tie: Andy Palermo & Chris Graham
7th Place tie: Joe Neylon & Tim Holahan
Monday –
1st Place: Rob Patton & Dave Horeth
2nd Place: Jeremy Polfleit & Bill VonBramer
3rd Place: Kevin Bird & Mike Graney
Tuesday –
1st Place: Justin Marple & Chris Neidel
2nd Place: Mark Spall & Bruce Marrett
3rd Place: Jonathan Fox & Lou Tambe
1st Place: Mark O’Brien & Nick Alloco
2nd Place tie: Adam Cortina & Nick Smith
2nd Place tie: Jon Gerkin & Andy Newman
1st Place: Nick DiVasta & Chris DiVasta
2nd Place: Sam Petix & Kevin Meagher
2nd Place tie: Heidi Christ & Colton Christ
Thank you again from the Avid Team,
Adam, Jessica, Olivia, Ilene, Gabriella, Deanna, Michael, Liam, Antonio, Brian and Jamie